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What do you get when you combine an independent spirit, a unique sense of style and superior craftsmanship in the form of biker jewelry - Nino925 by Frank Zubieta. For over 20 years, Frank Zubieta has been entrenched in biker jewelry lifestyle personally attending and creating biker jewelry for rallies around the country and worldwide in cities including Sturgis, Daytona Beach, Reno, Hollister, Las Vegas, New York City, and internationally attended by distribution, London, Barcelona, Italy, Germany, Portugal and many others.

Zubieta combines his love for biker jewelry handcrafted in sterling silver, yellow, rose, white gold, and platinum with precious and semiprecious stones to create wearable masterpieces that not only reflect the lifestyle of their owners, but can also be passed down for generations. That's because Zubieta creates biker jewelry with a lifetime warranty. 

Zubieta's Biker jewelry is worn by men and women across the globe, with a certified distributor headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Los Angeles based Nino925 biker jewelry is a known and respected brand in the jewelry industry and has been featured in multiple lifestyle magazines and on national television shows..