Welcome to the Nino925 experience, where your lifestyle and love of freedom is well understood and appreciated. Frank Zubieta, Nino925 owner and designer, has had a life-long passion for creating superior lifestyle jewelry that spans from the edgy biker and ink culture to the more refined and growing custom design market.

An artist craftsman at heart, Zubieta specializes in turning the abstract into imaginative, quality jewelry and accessories that stand the test of time. For over 20 years, Nino925 has specialized in creating superior, handcrafted custom jewelry in .925 sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Every piece is handcrafted and designed in the heart of the Los Angeles jewelry district.

Nino925 has gained worldwide exposure among those looking for unique jewelry that helps express their individuality – whether you are a biker, rocker, ink addict, weekend rider... you name it, you're just a few clicks away from finding that perfect piece. Nino925 designs are currently being worn by rock stars, celebrities, bike builders.

All pieces come with a satisfaction guarantee. Nino925 also fulfills requests for original designs for specialty retailers, private label, motion pictures. All pieces are designed to last for many years of enjoyment and wear. For additional information or to request a custom design, call us at 714-337-0312 or email us at info@nino925.com.
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